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Table of Contents

Tips & techniques4

Cooking Up Crab Cakes6

Can't find a good crab cake? With minimum work, the best can come out of your kitchen.

Shrimp Cake Club Sandwich9

What a lunch! Shrimp cakes dressed up in a fancy club sandwich.

Asian Salad with Salmon Cakes10

These aren't Mom's salmon patties. Fresh salmon cakes with an Asian flair -- great for company or family.


Cider, rice, wine, sherry -- do you know which vinegar to use? You will once you read this article.

Chopped Salads: Fajita Salad14

More refined and better tasting, this fajita salad puts the old taco salad to shame.

Chopped Salads: Greek Salad16

Overdressed, underwhelming Greek salads are history. This is the Greek salad you've been waiting for.

Basic Cuisine18

Crack an egg? Make a roux? Maybe there's more to it than you know. It's time to get back to the basics.

Velvet Cream Soups20

Two smooth and delicate soups bursting with spring flavor that can easily fill dinner-sized appetites.

Howard Helmer -- Making Omelets24

This Guiness Book record holder shows you how to make the perfect omelet. It's fast, easy, and oh so good!

Braising Lamb Shanks28

Don't skip this recipe. These shanks are full of flavor and hearty enough to be a hit with the whole family.

Side Dishes for Lamb Shanks31

Nothing about these two lamb shanks is difficult -- except deciding which one to make!

Online Extras

Gremolata Mashed Potatoes

Lamb Shanks with Tomato-Herb Sauce

Chicken Breasts34

Four chicken sautes that can be made in 30 minutes or less. Ideal for any weeknight meal -- like tonight!

Which Whisk?36

Too many whisks to pick? We'll show you the right whisk for the job.


When was the last time you had /really/ good tiramis├╣? Can't remember? This recipe just may jog your memory.

Questions & answers42

Individual Tiramis├╣ with Raspberries44

Sized down and all dressed up for any occasion.