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Table of Contents

Tips & techniques4

The Art of the Hamburger6

Yes, there is a way to make a better burger. And think outside the box -- pork and turkey make great burgers.

Turkey Burgers9

Moist turkey may sound like an oxymoron. But done right, this burger can go up against beef any day.

Pork Burgers10

If you grill just one burger this summer, make it a pork burger. Hog heaven.

Easy Burger Toppings11

The usual ketchup and mustard /almost/ take a back seat to these toppings.

The Secret to Easy Grilled Ribs12

Forget the long process of smoking for ribs. The oven and grill is all you need.

Asian Lime Ribs14

All ribs should be this lucky. Unique flavors that blend together perfectly.

Rub and Sauce Options for Ribs16

Traditional rub and sauces for easy grilled ribs.

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Mustard Sauce

Sweet Corn18

What to look for when you want the very best corn.

Summery Corn Soup19

A hearty vegetarian soup with plenty of body. The secret is in the cobs!

Fresh Creamed Corn20

Everybody's favorite -- creamed corn with over-the-top flavor.

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Corn Cakes

Corn Stuffed Tomatoes21

Served warm, this tomato is surprisingly refreshing. It is the perfect summer side.

Salad Dressings Revived22

We all have our favorites. Here are four classics that are so good, you'll never buy them bottled again.

Salad Spinners26

The right salad spinner can make a difference. Find out which ones tested best.

Steven Raichlen -- Grilling the Perfect Steak28

Steven explains his 10 simple steps to grilling great steaks.

Steven Raichlen -- The Perfect Steak31

New York Strip perfected! Grill the flavorful king of steaks using "Raichlen's Rules" of grilling steaks.

Steven Raichlen -- Porterhouse Steak32

An Italian-style porterhouse. You may never grill steak another way again.

Cool Ice Cream Sundaes34

Tame any summer day by enjoying one of these three cooling sundaes.

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Vanilla Ice Cream

Easy Stir-Fry Dinner38

Simple, fast, flavorful -- this dinner will be a hit with family or company.

Questions & answers42

Baby Burgers44

A simple idea that your whole family will love.