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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Perfect Cutlets6

There's more to cutlets than what meets the eye. Learn the steps to golden, juicy meat every time.

Chicken Piccata8

An easy classic dish. Plenty of fresh lemon makes it refreshingly flavorful.

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Sauteed Spinach

Pork Cutlet Japanese Style10

Surprisingly simple and amazingly good -- a crispy coating is the key.

Roasted Leg of Lamb12

The right cut and proper technique equal one terrific roasted leg of lamb.

Roasted Lamb with Braised White Beans14

White beans cook under the roasting lamb for an extra-flavorful side dish.

Carving Lamb16

You worked hard to roast the lamb to perfection. Here's how to carve it for the best looks and flavor.

Chardonnay Sauce17

A versatile sauce for lamb as well as other roasted meats or grilled fish.

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Mustard Sauce

Pamela Sheldon Johns -- Pizza Perfected18

A little bit of Italy from your kitchen. Pamela Sheldon Johns shows you how to make the best pizza crust.

Pamela Sheldon Johns -- Margherita Pizza21

Italy controls how pizza is made. Pamela gives you the details in this authentic pizza from Naples.

Pizza Toppings22

Forget pepperoni. These four original /Cuisine/ pizza toppings are made just for you.

Chicken with Preserved Lemons24

This simple, exotic-tasting stew is just the place to use those preserved lemons you made from Issue 31.

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Preserved Lemons

Couscous Dumplings27

Familiar yet unique, these dumplings are great with preserved lemon chicken.

Angel Hair Pasta with Preserved Lemons28

Talk about versatile -- these pasta dishes put preserved lemons to good use.


Lentils should get more credit. Here's the story of this healthful legume.

Sloppy Joe Lentils31

Meatless may not be your thing, but these lentil burgers are worth trying.

Lentil Tabbouleh32

Spring is the time for more salads -- you'll want ot add this one to your repertoire!

Curry-Lentil Soup33

How does this easy soup taste so rich? A little cream and a few cool garnishes.

Kitchen Shears34

We tested plenty of shears to find the best. See which ones made the cut.

Lemon Tart36

Smooth lemon curd offset by buttery almond crust -- darn close to perfection.

Lemon Tartlets with Coconut Crusts39

Little in size but big in flavor and texture. Spring just got here.


These four quick recipes give you four good reasons to eat more vegetables.

Questions and answers42

Gyro Tostadas44

Fusion at its best -- a great way to use left over lamb.