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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Fresh Pasta6

Homemade pasta is as much fun to make as it is good to eat.


Simple fillings and thin pasta make this classic cannelloni amazingly good.

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Simple Marinara Sauce

Three Mushroom Ragù with Pappardelle12

A quick 20 minutes makes this hearty mushroom ragù warm up the coldest winter night.

Salt Encrusted Fish14

An ancient technique that ensures moist and flavorful fish every time.

Vinaigrettes for Salmon18

Tasty and easy solutions that are made to go with rich salmon. These two vinaigrettes are the ticket.

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Champagne Butter Sauce

Packets with Fish and Vegetables20

A great way to cook fish without the mess or smell. Packing in salt guarantees great results every time.


Buy it, clean it, store it and cook it. All kinds of helpful hints about fresh spinach.

Spinach Soup23

Spinach never tasted so good! Lemon zest and almonds add the twist.

Sauteed Spinach24

A quick blanch and high heat saute make spinach a snap to prepare.

Adding On/Spinach25

Two extra recipes to make these sides into dinners.

Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin26

The best way to cook this tender cut of beef -- pan searing and high heat roasting.

Beef Tenderloin with Stroganoff Sauce28

A simple brown sauce goes in two directions -- both are loaded with flavor.

Beef Tenderloin with Barley Risotto30

Tenderloin needs a hearty side dish like this. It's the perfect complement.

Cheese Graters32

We tested 24 graters to find just the right one for your kitchen.

Nick Malgieri on Choosing Chocolate34

Well-known pastry chef Nick Malgieri talks chocolate. This is sweet information.

Flourless Chocolate Cake35

What a way to end a meal. It's the richest chocolate dessert we've ever had!

Preserved Lemons38

Make these lemons now for the great recipes to follow in our next issue.

Potato Sides40

Four quick and easy potato side dishes that can fit into most any dinner menu.

Questions and answers42

Chocolate Truffles44

A sure and simple way to fill your Valentine's heart with contentment.