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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Crab-Stuffed Shrimp6

A showy, yet simple appetizer ideal for holiday entertaining. Need I mention that they can be made ahead?

Wrapped Scallops with Maple Cream8

The classic bacon and scallop combination is updated with maple cream and apple.

Grilling -- Grilled Turkey with Cranberry Glaze10

Glazed and perfectly grilled. It's worth the effort for the looks and flavor. But even better, it frees up precious oven space.

Simple Carving -- Carving Turkey15

Eight easy steps to carving (not butchering) the holiday turkey. Don't set foot in the dining room without them.

Turkey Side Dishes: Brussels Sprouts18

Don't turn up your nose yet. These simply roasted brussels sprouts take on new life.

Turkey Side Dishes: Natural Gravy20

Simple beginnings result in an outstanding turkey gravy -- a holiday must-have.

Turkey Side Dishes: Leek Bread Pudding22

Old-fashioned dressing flavor with a new-fangled look.

Holiday Cookies24

One dough, two spectacular holiday cookies. You /have to/ put rugelach and "cub" claws on your baking list this year.

Jane Butel's Southwestern Turkey Dinner28

Southwestern twists on tradition -- turkey, blue cornbread stuffing, sweet potatoes, and cranberries laced with hints of New Mexico.

Pumpkin Cake with Pear Filling and Brown Butter Icing36

Want to break from tradition this year? Pumpkin cake with pear filling and brown butter icing is a sweet way to do it.

Questions and Answers40

What's Happening in Food42

Pistachio Brittle44

Simple and sparkling. The emerald-look of pistachio brittle tops off an already stunning pumpkin cake.