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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4

Grilled BBQ Ribs6

You can get tender, great tasting ribs on your gas grill. The secret's in the temperature and timing.

The Barbecue Trail11

Follow the Barbecue Trail for great eating in 10 of the best cities for BBQ.

Pizza on the Grill14

What better combination than grilling and pizza. The grill brings together flavor and friends.

Choose Your Grill18

Cole Slaw20

No more watery cabbage. This custard-like sauce keeps the flavor where it should be -- on the slaw.

Crème Caramel22

My crème caramel is rich and easy to prepare. Make it a day ahead for the best sauce.

BBQ Sauces24

Regional sauces that'll enhance any barbecue. Don't be surprised if the vinegar sauce is your favorite.

Grilled Salmon with Fruit Salsa26

Start grilling fish at home. Salmon is one of the best looking and tasting to start with.

Notes From The Test Kitchen31

Questions & Answers32

Salads and their Greens34

A salad used to be an iceberg wedge. Learn about salads and their greens.

3 Vinaigrettes38

Three tasty and different vinaigrettes that deliver plenty of flavor.

Unusual Salad Toppings40

Life beyond croutons. Try these unusual toppings for flavor and looks.

What's happening in food41

Strawberry Shortcake42

An architectural masterpiece of good taste!

Garnishing a Blackberry Shortcake44