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Table of Contents

Tips & Techniques4

Pork Proven├žal6

The flavors of Provence. Grilled pork with fennel is simply seasoned with nature's best -- extra virgin oil and pure honey.

Tomato-Butter Sauce10

A classic sauce with a delicate flavor. It complements any mildly-flavored meat, fish, or chicken, but is perfect for grilled pork and fennel.

Summer Gratins11

Gratins may sound like a winter dish but these make great summer sides. Vine-ripe tomatoes and fresh squash provide plenty of summer flavor.

Soupe au Pistou14

Hot soup in the summer? It's surprisingly refreshing, especially when it's made from fresh vegetables seasoned with flavorful basil pistou.

Grilled Panini16

Little sandwiches that act as a snack, appetizer, or light lunch -- perfect for lighter summertime eating. Grilling and the cold relishes are what set these apart.

Gas Grill Tune-Up22

Pound Cakes26

Here are two pound cakes unlike any others. They're moist from cream cheese and glazed for deep flavor.

Eastern Coolers30

Start the tandoori-style dinner with one of these cool drinks from India -- perfect for beating the heat.

Tandoori-Style Dinner31

Turn your grill into a tandoori oven for this Indian dinner of game hens. Three easy side dishes provide color and flavor without a lot of effort.


How to make and pipe meringue. Filled with sorbet and fruit, these crunchy egg white-and-sugar shells make delightful summer desserts.

Questions & Answers40

What's Happening in Food42

Meringue Clouds with Fresh Berries44