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Table of Contents

Tips and Techniques4

Herb-Encrusted Beef Tenderloin with Cabernet Sauce6

A special dinner for a special time of year. Here's a fancy way to present this tender cut of beef.

Souffles on the Side10

These two side dishes are so impressive you'll be tempted to serve them as a main course.

Three Quick Breads14

Not your typical banana bread. Try one of these unusual quick breads like cranberry-pumpkin or apple-ginger. They make great holiday gifts.

Chinese Fried Rice18

Why not make fried rice at home? The ingredients are simple and it's a quick dinner that everyone likes.

Cajun Fried Rice20

Spicy and hot. Fried rice is a natural with Cajun ingredients.

Turkey Fried Rice22

An interesting "north woods" way to use up that left-over holiday turkey.

Seafood Chowder24

Tired of the heavy holiday meals? This elegant chowder with fresh seafood is a perfect change of pace.

Fondue Basics29

America's favorite retro-dinner. Whether you've fondued before or it's your first time, this is just plain fun. Here's a fondue primer.

Cheese Fondue30

Cheese fondue is back and better than ever. Let's face it, great taste never really goes out of style.

Fondue with Broth32

This fondue makes for a party that's heavy on fun, but not in calories. What more could you ask for?

Panna Cotta36

Panna cotta is a dramatic-looking dessert. You won't believe how easy it is to make.

Family Favorite Holiday Cookies38

Six holiday cookie favorites from our readers -- taste-tested over and over!

Questions and Answers40

What's Happening in Food42

Dessert Fondue44