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Table of Contents

Tips and Techniques4


Scallops shouldn't just be ordered at restaurants. Here's a quick primer on scallops and two easy recipes to try in your own kitchen.

Simple Sides12

Roasting is a great way to make everyday vegetables taste great. Try these recipes using cauliflower, broccoli, and green beans.

Soft Pretzels16

Moist on this inside, crisp and brown on the outside, these pretzels are the real deal. Serve them hot for the perfect Oktoberfest or tailgate snack.

Cheddar & Ale Soup20

Here's a Cheddar soup that will warm up the coolest autumn day.

German Cabbage Soup22

It takes only 30 minutes to make this vegetarian bowl of flavor.

Harvest Braise24

Whether you call it a braise or stew, it's one of the ultimate comfort foods. Pork makes it different than other stews, and braising creates a rich sauce for homemade spaetzle.


Spaetzle is a tiny German dumpling that is enjoying a resurgence in popularity at even the trendiest restaurants. It makes a perfect side dish because it can be made ahead and packs plenty of flavor.

Weeknight Pasta30

Short on time and ideas for dinner during the week? These three fast and easy pasta dishes are the ticket -- you probably have all the ingredients sitting in your pantry.

Apple Strudel36

Apple strudel begins with a good pastry crust. Using store-bought phyllo dough makes it easy, but it's the ingredients between the layers that make it taste great.

Questions and Answers40

What's Happening in Food42

Grits Shells with Scallop "Scampi"44