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Table of Contents

Tips and Techniques4

A Latin Grill6

Skirt steak. You may never have heard of it, but you've eaten it plenty of times -- in fajitas! Here's a quick and easy way to prepare this inexpensive cut of beef without it being in thin strips.

Steak Sauces10

Chimichurri sauce is the condiment of choice in Argentina. Try this garlic and parsley sauce on grilled meats and seafood.

Oven-Baked French Fries12

No matter what country you're in, there's nothing better than steak and fries. Try these oven-baked potatoes to complete the South American grilled skirt steak dinner.

Black Beans14

Let's face it -- black beans are just plain versatile. Here are three recipes showing off that versatility. A saucy Caribbean salad, a hearty Brazilian rice dish, and a spicy Mexican wrap.

Test Kitchen Debut20

Rhubarb Tart22

Spring is the time for rhubarb but not another mushy pie. Here is a ricotta tart with rhubarb that you can actually recognize and taste. The secret is in the poaching!

What's Happening in Food25

Questions & Answers26

The Basics of Stuffed Chicken Breasts28

Turn ordinary chicken into something fancy. Here's how to stuff chicken breasts plus three quick and easy recipes.

Mega Mall Muffins36

You don't have to go to a specialty bakery at the mall to get those great-tasting, giant-domed muffins. Get professional results at home!

Strata, Frittata, Tortilla38

Finally, three great tasting baked egg dishes that you'll be proud to serve for brunch.

Cheese Flan42

Cheese flan. It's a little bit cheesecake and a little bit flan, but more than anything, it's all flavor. This traditional South American dessert goes well after /any/ dinner.

Tall Summer Flan44