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Table of Contents

Tips and Techniques4

The Basics of Eggs6

It's final. Egg knowledge comes before both the chicken and the egg!

Boneless Leg of Lamb11

Forget "gamey" lamb. Here's a roasted boneless leg that's mild and paired with a great sauce.

Spiral-Sliced Hams16

Spring is the time for ham. Try one of the spiral-sliced hams that we mail ordered and taste tested.

What's Happening in Food18

Potato Gratins19

This isn't just another potato gratin. The three recipes use different techniques to enhance the flavor of potatoes.

Indian-Style Curry22

Good Indian curry is tough to beat. This one is the real deal -- from spices to techniques.


There's more to mushrooms than just the white buttons. Here are eight popular varieties you can find in the store.

Roasted Stuffed Mushrooms33

Learn an easy technique for making stuffed mushrooms that aren't soggy.

Sauteed Mushroom Vinaigrette34

Use a popular cooking technique to make this unusual vinaigrette.

Grilled Portabella Pita Pizzas35

Grill up these meaty mushrooms, then make flavorful pita pizzas with an easy Chili Aioli.

Questions & Answers36

Using Fresh Coconut38

There are certain things worth the work. Fresh coconut is one of them. Learn how and why.

Coconut Cake40

Think coconut cake is just white cake with coconut? Think again. Citrus takes this cake.

Parmesan Baskets44