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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4

Rack of Lamb6

It's elegant. It's quick. And it's like no lamb you've ever tasted. It's Filet Mignon, but with plenty of taste.

Mashed Potatoes10

Do you want perfection? It takes the right potato and some tips you might not be aware of.

Mashed Potatoes13

3 Entree Salads14

They're different, good looking, and easy to make at home.

Goof-Proof Omelet18

Here's how to make omelets without failure. The secret's in speed and technique.

Dinner Rolls20

Three dinner rolls from one recipe. Make these classic shapes with an award-winning recipe.

Robin Hood Roasted Chicken22

The meat is tender and juicy. The skin, crispy. This roasted chicken tastes best eaten with your hands.

In Search of Morels26

Are there secrets to finding these little jewels of spring?

Polenta with Creamed Morels29

They may be hard to find in the forest, but they're worth the hassle after you taste this recipe.

Selecting A Cutting Board30

6 Quick & Easy Pasta Dishes32

Some light and flavorful variations on America's favorite meal.

Questions & Answers36


Low in calories, high in style. Follow our easy directions to steam, stuff, sauce, and serve.

What's happening in food41

Carrot Cake42

Not just carrots in this cake. Pineapple and coconut add texture, body, and taste.

Finishing a Carrot Cake44