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Table of Contents

Tips and Techniques4

Dips to Crostini6

Start with a few Italian dips and end up with eye-popping appetizers that take minimal work.

Lasagna with Marinara Sauce10

Tips and techniques for making lasagna that's not heavy, yet full of flavor.

Lasagna with Bolognese Sauce14

A true Italian lasagna with thin pasta, smooth ricotta, and a great Bolognese.

Lasagna with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce16

Using good lasagna techniques, add a twist with Red Pepper Sauce.


With vegetables and cheese for flavor, and pasta to thicken, this classic soup is perfect for winter.


Even if you're not into baking, you'll like making these breadsticks. They're as easy as they are tasty.

What's Happening in Food23


Learn how to use this versatile, yet misunderstood vegetable.


Shrimp isn't cheap. So you'd better know what to look and ask for when you hit the market.

BBQ Shrimp32

This BBQ Shrimp is different -- rich and spicy. But the way you eat it is what makes it so much fun.


Scampi can overcook in a heartbeat. Here's a great recipe that turns out perfect shrimp every time.

Belgian Waffles35

It's yeast in the batter that makes Belgian Waffles light and crisp.

Belgian Waffle Irons38

Questions and Answers40

Molten Chocolate Cakes42

If we didn't have to watch our waistlines, we'd have these easy-to-make molten cakes once a week.

Chocolate Waffles with Black Cherry Sauce44