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Table of Contents

Tips and Techniques4

Choosing a Turkey6

Organic and natural? Forget it. After the research, I'm buying a frozen, basted bird.

Roasting Turkey9

Brining, deep-frying, upside down -- these are passing fads. The best way is traditional roasting.

Turkey Gravey12

Good turkey gravy means you have a celebration. Plain gravy, you just eat. No gravy, you go home.

Carving Turkey14

This isn't the typical Norman Rockwell turkey carving. No fancy show -- just even, tender slices.

Jasper White's Oyster Dressing16

Oysters belong with poultry. Try this dressing from Jasper White.

Frank Stitt's Cornbread Dressing18

Cornbread, pecans, and country ham makes this a unique Southern dressing.

Gooey Butter Cake20

This traditional St. Louis coffee cake is a little slice of heaven. Give it to your friends for gifts.

Selecting Prime Rib23

Roasting a good-tasting prime rib begins at the market. Here's what to look and ask for.

Prime Rib27

We all like it but are afraid to cook it at home. It's actually easy if you follow a few simple steps.

Yorkshire Pudding30

A traditional companion to prime rib. This simple recipe has a little twist -- fresh herbs.


You probably have several thermometers at home, but do you have the /right/ one?

10 Gift Ideas34

/Cuisine's/ annual "gifts you wouldn't buy for yourself but would like to have" article.

Soups with Turkey36

Not the same old turkey soup this year -- please! Try these two refreshing and different recipes.

Questions & Answers38

What's Happening in Food40


Trifle is supposed to be a dessert of leftovers. There is nothing second-hand about this flavorful finale.

Individual Trifles with Blackberry Sauce44