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Table of Contents

Tips and Techniques4

Root Vegetable Basics6

Some root vegetables you've heard of -- some you haven't. They're all worth trying.

Autumn Salads9

A "sweet potato salad" made with root vegetables, and a beet salad that's as tasty as it is good-looking.

Beef Pot Roast12

Pot roast is at the top of the common-food chain. The Southwestern flair takes it one step higher.

BLT in a Bowl18

Three classic flavors combined into soups. The presentation is half the fun.

Knife Steeling & Sharpening22

Find out how to keep your cutlery on its razor edge.

Questions & Answers26


All sauces come from one of five Mother Sauces. Velouté is a classic white stock sauce.

Chicken Pot Pie30

This pot pie is loaded with chicken, mushrooms, and root vegetables. No carrot cubes or fluorescent peas here.

What's Happening in Food36

Blitz Puff Pastry37

Puff pastry needs to be in your pastry arsenal -- but takes a while to make. Try this blitz to save time.

Apple Dumplings40

Forget apple pie this year. Apple Dumplings are a favorite fall dessert that everyone will clamor for.

Pear Dumpling with Caramel-Cream Sauce44