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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4

Fulton Fish Market6

This market springs to life each night. Cargoes that arrive and depart are the fish we'll eat today.

Fresh Fish: From Market to Kitchen8

Feel too intimidated to buy fresh fish at your market? Here's advice from a real fishmonger.


Test your tuna knowledge. Find out just how much you really know about this warm-blooded fish.

Grilled Tuna15

Grilled Steak doesn't have to mean beef. It's time you dropped your inhibitions about grilling fish.

Fruit Smoothies18

Plug in your blender. With fresh fruits peaking, it's high time we made some summer drinks.

3 Pasta Salads22

Forget about macaroni and mayonnaise. My salads are triple hits of pasta, summer vegetables, and unusual toppings.

Halibut Dinner28

Hosting a dinner? I'll show how to put this one together. Its presentation will knock your socks off.

Layers of Flavor34

The perfect side dishes. This clever alternative combines good flavor with a neat presentation.

Questions & Answers36


End a hot, lazy summer day with this chilled soup -- served with grilled, marinated shrimp.

What's happening in food40

Free-Form Peach Tart41

A rustic bottom-crust with fresh peaches. Hidden in between, a layer of sweet pistachio. Oh, My!

Gazpacho "Sauce" with Seafood44