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Table of Contents

From the Editor6

Let's Get Social7

Tips From Our Readers8

In The Now12

Seasonal Kitchen: Blueberries14

With a rainbow of health benefits, let us help you serve up these super berries in sweet and savory ways.

Grilled Salmon with savory-ish blueberry sauce14

Lemon & Blueberry Buttermilk Loaf Cake with blueberry coulis16

Cuisine Tonight: Cold Entrée Salads18

Keep cool and carry on with these four satisfying entrée salads. And, they’re easy to prepare so you can chill out.

Cold Thai Crab Salad with coconut milk vinaigrette18

Chicken, Fennel & Tarragon Salad19

Greek Egg Salad20

Tuna Niçoise à la Espagnole21

Test Kitchen Favorites: Casual Crostatas22

These crostatas not only taste like summer, but with their free form, they have that casual laid-back vibe, too.

Chocolate Crostata with peaches and berries22

Chocolate Crostata Dough22

Crostata Dough24

Black & Blue Mango Crostata24

Cuisine for Two: Grilled Shellfish26

Fire up the grill and throw your favorite shellfish on the grates. These four recipes are sure to make a splash.

Grilled Cajun Mussels with beer & cilantro26

Grilled Scallops with plum sauce28

Grilled Miso Clams with basil and lime29

Grilled Lobster Tails with anchovies30

Healthy Cuisine: Nutrish-ish Menu32

We’re spicing things up with a Spanish-ish meal that’s healthy-ish, too, so you can skip the side of guilt.

Filets & Fideos34

Air-Fried Avocado Fries with chipotle yogurt sauce36

Coconut Paletas37

Pineapple-Coconut Paletas37

Gazpacho Goodness38

Dive into these three summer soups and beat the heat. The colorful collection — red, green, and yellow — relies on classic gazpacho ingredients plus special add-ins, putting them in a class of their own.

Tomatillo & Cucumber Gazpacho with apple and herbs38

Watermelon Gazpacho with tomatoes & peppers40

Yellow Mellow Gazpacho with roasted pepper41

Pellet Smoker 10142

What’s all the buzz about pellet grills? Get the 4-1-1 on the smoker. But that’s not all — check out how to smoke bourbon on the grill for a smoky Old-Fashioned and lip-smackin’ glazed chicken.

Pellet Smoked Chicken with bourbon-pepper glaze44

Smoked Bourbon Old Fashioned45

Picnic Essentials +46

With tips on how to pack an eco-friendly picnic, there’s no better time to load up a basket of nibbles and head outdoors. You’ll want to make and take the two flavor-packed sammies with you!

California Veggie Sammies with avocado hummus50

Pam’s Jersey Subs51

Outdoor Movie Snacks52

For all you film fans, it’s time to grab your blanket and chair and get outside. Don’t sweat it that there’s no concession stand; make any or all of these treats for a memorable night under the stars — get snackin’.

Crackersnax with peanuts52

Chocolate-Dipped Potato Chips54

Copycat Butteryfingers from scratch55

Frico Chips with sopressata56

Wine Bar Mix with chili powder57


Page 57: Servings

The servings information should read "Makes 8 servings (2 cups)," not 8 cups.

Wares: Kitchen Shears58

Kitchen shears don’t get much respect but they’re an invaluable tool. Check out which ones make the cut.

Cookbook Grilled Veggies60

What happens when vegetables meet fire and smoke? Find out for yourself in Steven Raichlen’s latest cookbook, How to Grill Vegetables, where he deliciously demystifies the world of grilling green.

Broccolini in the Style of Thai Satay60

Brussels Sprout, Bacon, and Date Kebabs with honey-sage butter62

Zucchini “Burnt Ends” with herb butter and lemon64

Cuisine Class: Tempura66

Light and airy fried foods? You betcha. Using our step-by- step tempura process, it’s never been so tempting.


Gingered Soy Sauce71

Asian-Flavored Aioli71

Sweet and Spicy Dipping Sauce71

Burgers & Dogs Guide72

There’s nothing more iconically American than hot dogs and hamburgers. Before your next cookout, check out this primer and get the skinny on how to make the best burgers and dogs.

Spotlight on Onions74

Onions are often overlooked, but there’s much more to these hardworking alliums than you might know. We’re peeling back the layers to break down the differences among the most common varieties.

Plethora of Pestos76

Sure, it’s easy to find tubs of basil pesto at the store, but we’re breathing new life into the classic summer staple. With unique ingredients and flavor profiles, pestos have never tasted so good.

Sun-Dried Tomato & Chipotle Pesto76

Parsley-Walnut Pesto78

Bacon Pesto79

Olive & Mint Pesto79

Olive Oil Primer80

Choosing an olive oil from the many options can be confusing. Learn how it’s made and graded and how to read labels. Plus, discover how to make a classic vinaigrette without a recipe.

Summer Bash84

Let’s party! Our low-key, Italian-inspired bash fits the bill for any gathering. Italian Beef Sandwiches, pasta salad, Italian Sparkling Lemonade, and no-churn ice cream sandwiches warrant a celebration.

Italian Beef Sandwiches86

Bean & Carrot Pasta Salad with mozzarella and dill87

No Churn Peanut Butter & Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches88

Italian Sparkling Lemonade with basil89

Cocktails with Cuisine: Cocktail Workshop90

Shake up your summer sipper repertoire thanks to The Cocktail Workshop by Steven Grasse and Adam Erace.

Garden Gimlet92

Bottle Rocket93

Oaxacan Negroni94

Margarita Raspado95

All About: Shrimp96

Dive into this low-down on America’s most popular crustacean to get all the deets you’ll want to know.

1 in 4: Shrimp98

We know it sounds fishy, but each of these four shrimptastic recipes comes together in 30 minutes or less.

Shrimp Pizza98

Bang Bang Shrimp Pasta100


Page 100: text

The ingredients call for 4 tsp. garlic, divided, but the directions fail to say when to add the remaining 2 tsp. They should read: Whisk together cream, mayonnaise, chili sauce, ginger, zest, Sriracha, remaining 2 tsp. garlic, remaining 1 tsp. black pepper, and pepper flakes in same skillet over medium heat…

Shrimp & Chickpea Salad100

Blackened Shrimp Cucumber Bites with guacamole & rémoulade101

Faster with Fewer: Corn102

These golden recipes serve up everyone’s favorite summer veggie onto center stage in no time at all.

Sweet Corn Bruschetta with strawberries & tomatoes102

Corn & Zucchini Pasta with basil103

Grilled Mexican Corn Dip104

Warm Corn Chowder Salad105

Ask the Editors106

Grand Finale: Ice Box Cake108

When it’s hot, cool down with this Peach & Blackberry Freezer Dessert. With just one bite, you’ll be chill-axing.

Homemade Blackberry Jam111