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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4

Fruit & Vegetable Salads6

When opposites attract and meet on a salad plate, the flavors create a unique tension of taste.

3 Grilled Burgers10

What'll you have -- lamb, beef, or poultry? I'll show how to grind, grill, and sauce outstanding burgers.

Twice-flavored BBQ Chicken15

Beauty may be skin deep, but the flavor in this BBQ chicken is two layers deep.

Television Appliances20

What's happening in food23

Appetizer Makeovers24

A face-lift for common appetizers. How about baked (not fried) jalapeño poppers? Or Mediterranean Nachos.

Exotic Fruit28

A guide to the unusual fruits we find in stores but have no idea how to choose, cut, or eat.

Jerk Pork Loin with Tropical Couscous32

For this Jamaican import, Scotch bonnets deliver the heat and pineapple cools it down.

Questions & answers38

Vanilla Ice Cream40

Here's the secret. /Real/ vanilla ice cream starts with a custard base.

Ice Cream Sandwiches42

Remember chasing ice cream trucks? Here's the adult version of those same treats.

Lace Basket with Ice Cream and Tropical Fruit Salad44

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