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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4


Classic Louisiana cuisine. Rice with sausage, crawfish, and ham -- flavored with pure Bayou heat.

New Orleans Muffuletta12

With its built-in salad and layers of meat and cheese, this is one BIG sandwich. Open wide!

Spring Soups14

Learn to make a vegetable stock, then use the stock to create light, pureed pea, asparagus, or radish soups.

Whole Canned Tomatoes18

What's happening in food20


These "square doughnuts" are a New Orleans tradition. Serve them hot with lots of chicory coffee.

Corning Beef24

Once I show you how to cure a brisket at home, "store-bought" corned beef won't be the same.

Corned Beef Dinner26

This is corned beef re-invented. Rubbed, braised, and glazed -- a bold (/not boiled/) taste.

Corned Beef Companions30

Oh no! Not the same old cabbage and potatoes. A new approach to old companions.

Pecan-Crusted Red Snapper32

Make it quick -- fresh snapper, French beans and Remoulade Sauce.

Questions & Answers36

Jelly Roll38

Lemon filling rolled inside lemon cake, outlined with a layer of strawberry sauce. A Classic.

Making a Ginger-Lemon Jelly Roll44