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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4


Visit any "Basics" classroom. There, you'll learn stir-fry -- a healthy way to eat after the holidays.

Spring Rolls13

These spring rolls are good-looking and low-fat. Once you get the hang of it, they're easy to make.

Breakfast Danish16

Make a classic danish braid with /Cuisine's/ no-fail technique. Extra help provided at every step.

Knife Skills20

Take a short course on one of the "Basics" -- how to handle a chef's knife.

Maine Lobster22

Maine is the leader in preserving and conserving "the ultimate white meat." Learn how they do it.

Cooking Fresh Lobster24

No need for pliers at the table -- here's a graceful, "reassembled" lobster.

Duchess Potatoes30

Mashed Yukon Golds achieve special status with this "duchess" form.

Potato Galette31

Spirals of paper-thin sliced potatoes -- fried golden then baked crisp.

Questions & answers32

Unusual Chilies34

A winning "bowl of red" from Texas teams up with a hominy "white" chili.

Chili Dinner37

Black bean chili, corn dumplings, Asian slaw. A meatless chili dinner.

What's happening in food40

Plate Painting41

Learn how to create with a palette of sauces. I'll show you four easy plate-painting designs.

Poached Pears42

With hearts drawn in a raspberry-caramel sauce -- a special dessert you can make for your Valentine.

Making Red Wine Poached Pears for Four44