Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4

Antipasto Platter6

This is great for parties. While it looks like a lot of work, you can make it with no problem.

Tortellini & Ravioli10

Fun to make and even better to eat. The perfect meal after the giant holiday feasts.

10 Gift Ideas For Cooks16

Tuscan Bean Soup18

A classic Italian soup. Just add salad and you've got a complete dinner.


Panzanella is a bread salad with a fresh taste, reminiscent of summer.

Balsamic Vinegar22

A vinegar that you sip or put on your dessert? True Balsamics are just that good.

Making Ricotta Cheese24

After looking in the grocery stores for good ricotta cheese, I found the best at home.

What's happening in food27

Place Setting28

A non-hoity guide to setting the proper table. It's probably something we could all brush up on.

3 Turkey Dishes30

Rather than using expensive, hard-to-find veal, try cooking with turkey tenderloins.

Questions & answers36

Cranberry Napoleon38

This dessert is quick, easy, and spectacular looking. Ideal for the holidays.


With a little practice, you can make perfect calzones at home.

Ricotta Torta42

Trust me, this ricotta torta is light enough to eat after a big holiday meal.

Dressing Up the Ricotta Torta44