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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4


Tamales are one of those foods you like to order but never make at home. Here's your chance.


There's more to these quesadillas than chicken and cheese. Presentation opens up the possibilities.


Here's a secret. When you can't decide on a sauce, make a fresh salsa. They go with any recipe.


I think brownies should be chewy and choclatey. Here they are.

What's happening in food20


Maybe you feel the same way -- there's too many peppers out there for me to understand. Here's a basic pepper primer.

Texas Brisket24

I went to the experts to learn how to "smoke" good brisket. When you taste this, you'll think you're in the heart of Texas.

Cowboy Beans30

Baked beans don't always come from a can. Try these "Cowboy Beans" made with four beans.

Corn Cakes31

These fresh corn cakes are just the thing to serve with smoked brisket and cowboy beans.

Pressure Canning32

The rules have changed about canning tomatoes. Here's what to do.

Questions & Answers36

Edible Flowers38

Edible flowers make a great garnish. They also make great eating. Here's 10 varieties you can try.

Grilled Pineapple Upside-Down Cake42

A little twist to a classic favorite. It's grilled and served with a Mexican favorite -- Cajeta.

Building the $8.00 Brownie44