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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4

Easy Basic Pasta6

Making fresh pasta is easy, especially with these step-by-step instructions and a simple pasta machine.

Marinara Sauce12

Fresh roma tomatoes and 30 minutes are about all you need for this authentic Marinara.

Saffron Pasta with Seafood Marinara Sauce15

Selecting A Saute Pan16

Caesar Salad18

A powerful dressing, crisp romaine, and warm croutons make this a memorable salad.

Northern Corn Bread22

The flour and sugar make this cornbread a classic comfort food.

Southern Corn Bread23

A traditional Southern cornbread that's perfect for stews and greens.


Saffron, Parmesan, and arborio rice combine to make a classic Risotto Milanese. Dinner for a Sunday night!

Hearty Greens26

These once overlooked greens accompany any dish now. They're pungent and full of flavor.

Olive Oil Production30

There are growers who still produce olive oil the way their ancestors did thousands of years ago.

Seafood Gumbo32

Hot, rich and filling. Authentic gumbo.

Questions & Answers38

Pastry Bag Basics40

What's happening in food41

White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie42

You've never tasted a banana pie this good.


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