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Table of Contents

Tips and techniques4

A New Look at Wellingtons6

A classic dish updated. Served with a delicious wine sauce and a unique turkey alternative.

6 Indulgent Appetizers12

Here are 6 impressive appetizers that are easy to make and worth every calorie.

Selecting a Chef's Knife16

Wild Rice18

Traditional harvesting of true wild rice continues in the northern lakes.

Corn Pudding20

This corn pudding will even make frozen corn worth eating.

Chocolate Souffle22

Don't let "souffle" scare you. It's not that hard. Besides -- it's chocolate!

Mushroom Soup24

This isn't the kind of soup that comes from a can. It's easy to make and bursting with flavor.

Turkey Roulade25

A turkey breast that isn't dry. And it can be made ahead of time.

Dressed Up Stuffings30

Three delicious stuffings you can use to flavor the Turkey Roulade.

Roasted Root Vegetables32

Roasting and the right seasonings makes these homely root vegetables sweet and flavorful.

Three Variations on Dressing36

Basic Bread, Wild Rice, and Apple Dressings. All three follow the same basic techniques.

What's happening in food39

Questions & Answers39

Apple Tart42

This tart only looks fancy. It's easy to make and perfect for the holidays.