It's Time For Key Lime! 4 Key Lime Desserts For Summer

Hot summer days call for refreshing citrus desserts (especially anything made with key lime juice). No need to book a plane ticket just yet. These four key lime desserts are sure to bring a little bit of the Florida Keys into your own home.

By Madalyn Bendgen

It's Time For Key Lime! 4 Key Lime Desserts For Summer + Cooking Tips

When the weather in Iowa shifts to feeling a bit more tropical, it always gets me dreaming of citrus desserts — especially anything key lime. Over the years Cuisine has developed a variety of scrumptious recipes with a nod to the classic Key Lime Pie. Check out these four desserts, plus a couple of tips, to satisfy your key lime cravings.

Key Lime Cookies with white chocolate chips

Key Lime Pie Cookies Looking for a sweet treat that is portable, comes together in under an hour, and every bit delicious? The Key Lime Cookies with white chocolate chips are the answer. The combination of lime juice and zest give the cookies a subtle lime flavor without overpowering the cookie. And the addition of graham cracker crumbs to the dough mimics the flavor of the classic pie crust, plus rolling the cookies in more crumbs gives them crisp, crust-like crunch.

Key Lime Bars with berries and cream

Key-Lime-Bars-Pinterest Talk about refreshing! If you like lemon bars, then you'll really be lovin' these bars. Key Lime Bars are just as good as pie with a little more casual flare. This dessert is a great make-ahead option. Even if you’ve stuffed yourself with a delicious grilled dinner… there is always room for this creamy, tangy, easy to make dessert. At least in my mind there is!

Key Lime Cheesecake with fruit salsa

Key Lime Cheesecake with Fruit Salsa Who can say no to cheesecake?! This sweet treat is the perfect balance of tart key lime flavor with a luscious, creamy texture (thanks to sour cream). Adding sour cream to the Key Lime Cheesecake filling not only lightens the dessert, it also highlights the pucker-factor of the lime juice with a tang of its own. Yes, this dessert is every bit as good as it looks.

Key Lime Mousse with graham cracker tuiles

Key-Lime-Mousse-Lead Behind this gorgeous and tasty dessert are two components: mousse and graham cracker tuiles. The mousse is a light, airy mixture that blends an intensely flavored Key lime curd, with beaten whipped cream. The graham tuile [TWEEL] are thin, crispy cookies that get molded while they’re still warm into the perfect edible vessel for serving mousse. Tuiles aren’t hard to make, but they do require careful timing and patience. That being said, it’s OK if a few break in the process, it happened to us. If it happens to you, don’t get frustrated. The process gets easier as you continue! The Key Lime Mousse with graham cracker tuiles is a must-try, but if you choose not to make the tuiles, the mousse is divine all on its own.

Tips for juicing key limes

How to Juice Key Limes Are you in tropical paradise after reading through all these recipes?! Before you dive into making one (or all) of these recipes, use this helpful tip to juice key limes. And since key limes are smaller in size and firmer than regular limes, making them a tad bit harder to juice, this comes in VERY handy. Or if you don’t have a potato ricer, here’s another clever tip on how to get the most juice out of those little gems.

One thing to note, unless you live in Florida, fresh Key limes can be hard to find, because they don’t transport well. Bottled key lime juice, on the other hand, is readily available in grocery stores, and makes a fine substitute — especially since excess can be frozen indefinitely. (Nellie & Joe’s Key West Lime Juice is the most well-known brand of key lime juice.)

Key lime bliss

All it takes is one bite of either one of these tropical treats to feel like you’re kickin’ it somewhere on a beach. (And when the weather is sweltering hot, who wouldn't want to be beachside?!) I hope this article inspires you to whip up some brighty, citrus-y recipes — I know I'm ready, too!

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