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Save time and money in the kitchen with this week’s top kitchen deals from Amazon.


Innovations are always being made, even when it comes to kitchen appliances. Many of the most recent models can reduce your cooking time and make the most tedious tasks easier than ever before. Whether you want to shorten your time in the kitchen or invest in new appliances to try out unique recipes, this week’s kitchen deals on Amazon are sure to have something for you. From veggie slicers and food dehydrators to quick cookers and kettles, these revolutionary products can enhance your meal-prep experience while offering up to 80% in savings.

Dash Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer Oven Cooker: $44.99 (was $59.99) dash-tasti-crisp-air-fryer Cook with up to 80% less fat without sacrificing great flavor with the Dash Tasti-Crisp™ electric air fryer oven cooker, featuring an auto shut-off feature, temperature control gauge, a non-stick fry basket, and a recipe guide. No more going to fast foods for some fries when you can make them healthier and better tasting right at home.

Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer + Oven Cooker: $79.99 (was $99.99) dash-deluxe-air-dryer Make guilt-free food faster and easier with the Dash deluxe electric air fryer and oven cooker. You’ll be able to enjoy healthier fried treats without guilt. It comes with a 6-quart capacity, an auto shut-off feature, and so much more.

Dash Safe Slice® Mandoline Slicer: $38.99 (was $49.99) dash-safe-slice-mandoline Make meal prep safe and easy with the Dash Safe Slice mandoline slicer, featuring 30+ presets and a thickness adjuster to slice, matchstick, and dice your favorite vegetables. Its versatility is sure to cut down on your meal prep time and you’re sure to have some fun using it.

Fullstar 9-in-1 Deluxe Vegetable Chopper: $34.99 (was $49.99) fullstar-deluxe-vegetable-chopper Experience the ultimate kitchen convenience with Fullstar's deluxe vegetable chopper. Featuring all-in-one multipurpose cooking gadgets, a bonus handheld peeler, juicer, and more — perfect for making healthy meals. It even has a bin underneath to prevent messes from occurring.

Cosori Food Dehydrator: $43.84 (was $69.99) cosori-food-dehydrator Introducing the Cosori food dehydrator, perfect for making jerky, fruit leathers, dog treats, dried herbs, and more. With five Trays, up to 165°F temperature control, overheat protection, and a 50-recipe cookbook, this is the perfect gadget to make delicious, healthy snacks right at home. So go on and get creative with this great product.

Whall Two-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster: $35.99 (was $139.99) whall-two-slice-toaster Toast your favorite bread perfectly every time with this two-slice stainless steel toaster with a removable crumb tray and six bread shade settings. Its size is perfect for storing and it's easy to clean, so no more worrying about having crumbs anywhere.

Bison Digital Meat Thermometer: $13.59 (was $75.99) biison-digital-meat-thermometer The Biison digital meat thermometer is the perfect gift for any grilling or cooking enthusiast, offering accurate readings, fast temperature measurement, a waterproof design, an easy-to-read LCD screen, and convenient storage options—a must-have for every meat lover.

Nicebay Electric Gooseneck Kettle: $55.99 (was $199.99) nicebay-electric-gooseneck-kettle Brew the perfect cup of coffee or tea with the Nicebay electric gooseneck kettle. It comes with a gooseneck spout design for precise pouring, a heated base with buttons and LED display, pure stainless steel inner, 1200W fast heating, an auto shut-off, and boil-dry protection. Its keep warm button is essential for those who brew a cup and forget about it.

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