No Microwave, No Problem: This Electric Lunch Box Is 30% Off Right Now

This heated electric lunch box allows you to enjoy a warm meal anywhere without needing a microwave.


A hot, comforting meal in the middle of the day can give you the energy you need while boosting your mood and productivity. But if you’re often busy at your desk or spend lots of time on the road, chances are you often settle for the same cold lunches every day. If you’d like to start enjoying delicious hot meals for lunch instead, the Vasabo electric lunch box has you covered. With this heated lunch box, you can enjoy hot food wherever you go as it can be plugged into an outlet or in your car — no microwave required! Plus. it’s on sale today for 30% off, so there’s never been a better time to expand your mid-day meal options.

Vabaso Electric Lunch Box Food Heater: $25.49 (was $36.99) vasabo-electric-lunch-box The Vabaso electric lunch box is a 2-in-1 portable heated lunch box with a leak-proof seal gasket and removable stainless steel container for home, school, or work use that comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

This portable food heater is an efficient way to pack and warm up your food, no matter the situation. Plus, since it's electric-powered, it can work at the office or in the car—perfect for packing healthier on-the-go options. It’s easy to use and great for all ages, so you can even prepare a hot meal for your kids to enjoy at school.

Amazon shoppers love the convenience and possibilities this electric lunch box provides, with one satisfied customer saying that it “works amazing!!!” and “10/10 would recommend!!” They also commented on how much their spouse appreciates this portable appliance, saying:

My husband works construction & most days doesn't have access to a microwave. This is a game changer for people that want something hot for lunch & don't want to eat fast food or don't have access to it. I pack it the evening before using leftovers from dinner or a yummy soup, put it in the fridge, take it out in the morning and he's good to go!

No matter where you're going or what you're eating, the Vabaso electric lunch box has got you covered. Get one today for 30% off so you never have to settle for only cold on-the-go meals again!

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