Make Starbucks Egg Bites at Home With This Genius Kitchen Gadget

Whip up your favorite Starbucks breakfast at home for a fraction of the cost with this versatile egg cooker.


If you’re a fan of the oh-so-delicious egg bites from Starbucks, we have an exciting product for you. You can make your own egg bites at home with the Hamilton Beach electric egg bites cooker! This ingenious kitchen gadget is perfect for busy mornings when you want that Starbucks flavor without making a trip to the coffee shop. You can whip up two egg bites in under 10 minutes that are just as tasty as the ones you love from Starbucks (and way cheaper).

Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Bites Cooker: $24.99 (was $29.99) hamilton-beach-egg-bites-cooker

Create delicious egg bites, poached eggs, and hard-boiled eggs in under 10 minutes with the Hamilton Beach electric egg bites cooker. It has a removable nonstick tray, a six-egg capacity, and a measuring cup, all in a convenient, easy-to-clean, and compact design for easy storage. It even comes with a recipe book so you can get creative in the kitchen.

Starbucks’ egg bites are a definite favorite, but at $5 for a pack of two, those breakfast trips can quickly add up. When you buy the Hamilton Beach egg cooker on sale for $25 today, it’ll pay for itself after just five uses, making it a smart purchase you’ll want to use every morning.

Online shoppers are quickly discovering the cost-effective versatility this little appliance provides. One happy customer loves using it to make their favorite breakfast at home, saying:

Same size as Starbucks. They are not small as others say. I find just cracking an egg into each cooking pot works best, a season of choice, a little cheese, and crumbled bacon. I make mine in my cube in the office. Easy cleanup. no oil, no spray needed. So Great!

This egg bite cooker from Hamilton Beach is perfect for breakfast lovers and makes for a great gift. Get this awesome deal while it's 17% off today and say goodbye to morning Starbucks lines.

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