New Kitchen Gifts: Cooking Aprons & Wooden Spoons

Need a last-minute kitchen gift for the cooking enthusiast in your life? Or maybe just something special to treat yourself? Our new Cooking Aprons & Wooden Spoons make great gifts for food lovers and home chefs!

Cooking Aprons & Spoons Kitchen Gifts


About our New Kitchen Gifts:

Cuisine at Home Cooking Aprons
Made in the USA and designed with the home-chef in mind, these aprons have extra-long waist straps, fully adjustable neck straps, and 3-section pockets. Choose from either denim herringbone or cotton graphite.

Cuisine at Home Wooden Spoons
This 12-inch beechwood French oval wooden spoon is food-safe, eco-friendly, and won't scratch your nonstick skillets. You’ll be able to perform a range of tasks with its smooth finish and comfortable ergonomic handle.



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