From classic to flavored, Mojitos are the cocktail you should be drinking all summer long!

With the dog days of summer in full swing, everyone needs a refreshing cocktail to cool down with. And if you ask me, you can never go wrong with a classic mojito.

By Madalyn Bendgen

From Classic to Cucumber, Mojitos are the cocktail you should be drinking all summer long!

If you haven’t had a mojito before, you really should. It’s a refreshing blend of fresh lime juice, sweet mint, rum, a little sweetener, and some club soda – the perfect summer sipper if you ask me. What I love about this cocktail is that it doesn’t scream alcohol. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve been outside in the heat, I want something that quenches my thirst rather than a stiff drink like whiskey on the rocks.

Classic Mojito

Classic-Mojito-New Lead Our Classic Mojito doesn't deviate from the simple recipe that made them a staple summer spirit, and they don't need to if you ask me. How does the old saying go, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?” Our take on the classic Cuban cocktail only takes a few minutes to make, and perfectly balances smooth rum, tangy lime, and sharp mint – ideal for any summer gathering. And since this recipe makes a pitcher worth of mojitos, here’s a tip for muddling mint.

Orange Mojito

Orange-Mojito-Lead If you want to deviate from the classic mojito with a little flavorful spin, we’ve got you covered, too. First on the list, is Cuisine's Orange Mojito. This sweet concoction uses fresh orange juice instead of lime juice and swaps out club soda for some lemon-lime soda. Want to make it even more over-the-top?! Use an orange-flavored rum in place of white rum.

Honeydew Mojito

Honeydew-Mojito-with-Cucumber-Simple-Syrup-Lead Next up, a Test Kitchen favorite, the Honeydew Mojito with cucumber simple syrup. Made with cucumber, honeydew melon, mint, and lime juice, it’s simply delightful. And with honeydew being most abundant late summer to early fall, this cocktail is a fun way to enjoy the heavenly taste of honeydew.

No matter what you choose, classic mojito or a variation, these refreshing, ice cold libations are reason enough to raise a glass and celebrate.

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