A Cup of Hope: BLK & Bold Coffee

There's just something about coffee that's both comforting and inspiring. We were excited to try this specialty coffee from a Black-owned and locally operated new company, and we think you will be, too.

By Stephanie Fink

A single cup of black coffee to start the day

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As the world has changed in recent days, whatever routines I used to maintain have mostly fallen by the wayside. One thing, however, has been a steady beat carrying me from one day to the next without fail: my morning cup of coffee. A single cup, strong, black, and simple.

So on #BlackoutTuesday2020 when I learned of the Black-owned specialty coffee and tea company BLK & Bold, which happens to be headquartered right here in Des Moines, Iowa, I made a plan to set out the very next morning to buy two bags from a local grocery store, eager to try it out.

A Cup of Hope: BLK & Bold Coffee - Dark Roast

BLK & Bold Coffee Review

I was hesitant at first to grab the dark roast since my preference is usually for something lighter, but decided to give the BLK & Bold company’s eponymous blend a shot, along with the encouragingly named RISE & GRND medium blend. Back in the Test Kitchen, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the dark roast beans were a rich, slightly lustrous dark brown, and smelled both comforting and exciting all at once. I got down to grinding.

After brewing up a cup with my beloved AeroPress and doing my best to slurp the red-brown brew like a true coffee expert, I was sold. A mildly flavored coffee with very low bitterness, it went down smooth and easy. I could just detect the lemon notes mentioned on the label around the edges of the rich aroma, and taste a hint of bell pepper in the coffee’s slightly sweet acidity.

(Edit: Since this writing, I have tried four different coffees from BLK & Bold, and the Limu, Ethiopia Single Origin Light Roast is by far my favorite with its outstanding blueberry characteristics. The Jasmine Green Tea is wonderful as well! I recommend ordering directly from the company for maximum freshness.)

BLK & Bold Gives Back to the Community

I left the Test Kitchen standing a little straighter, feeling grounded and ready for the workday ahead of me. What makes BLK & Bold an especially inspiring cup of coffee is the 5% of profits donated by the company to programs supporting at-risk youth both here in Des Moines and nationally. As the business grows, with products recently becoming available on Amazon Prime and from other national retailers like Target and Whole Foods, so too does its positive impact on the communities it supports.

What I love perhaps the most about coffee is the little boost it gives to my sense of optimism. As I drank my BLK & Bold in the quiet of the office and concentrated on how it made me feel, it wasn’t just the gentle energy buzz of caffeine coming to life inside of me; it was also a subtle yet definite warm glow of hope.

So as each new day arises, bringing with it new challenges and much important work to do, a quality cup of coffee is a good way to start.


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Check out the BLK & Bold website to learn more about the company and their dedication to giving 5% to social outreach programs.

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