Baked Potatoes

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Baked Potatoes

Learn how to cook perfect baked potatoes every time with this easy test kitchen-approved recipe. Even better, just 3 pantry ingredients are needed for this recipe.


4 servings

Total Time

about 1 hour

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  • Russet potatoes are the best for baking because the interior gets nice and fluffy due to the high starch content.

  • Scrub potatoes under cool water to remove excess dirt, then dry thoroughly.

  • Pierce a few holes all over the potatoes with a knife or fork so steam can escape, preventing the potatoes from bursting open while baking.

  • Rub the potatoes with oil and salt before baking so the skins get nice and crisp.

  • While baked potatoes are best eaten fresh from the oven, they'll keep up to three days in the fridge.


Preheat oven to 450°. Place a large piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of the oven to catch any oil dripping from potatoes.

Rub potatoes with oil and salt in a large bowl.

Bake potatoes on oven rack until tender, about 1 hour. Remove from oven, split, and serve immediately.

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