Ginger Beef & Bok Choy Stir-Fry with Sushi Rice

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Ginger Beef & Bok Choy Stir-Fry with Sushi Rice

Stir-fries are full of great flavor, and this one, with seared steak and sweet-and-spicy fresh ginger, has it all. Ready in 30 minutes or less, this makes a great weeknight dinner. The secret — cook a whole steak to medium-rare so it stays pink and juicy. Then let it rest so the juices have time to redistribute. Slice the steak into small pieces to add back to the stir-fry just before serving.

Baby bok choy is a smaller, sweeter version of regular bok choy, but don’t fret if you can’t find it — just substitute with regular.


4 servings

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Test Kitchen Tip

To chop the bok choy, start at the leafy end and slice until you get to the stem end. Rinse the chopped bok choy well and dry in a salad spinner.


For the rice, cook rice according to package directions. Combine vinegar, sugar, and salt; stir into rice and keep warm.

For the sauce, whisk together broth, sherry, oyster sauce, soy sauce, cornstarch, chili garlic sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil, and beef base; set aside.

For the stir-fry, heat peanut oil over high in a large skillet or wok. Sear steak until an instant-read thermometer registers 130°, 23 minutes per side. Transfer steak to a plate, let rest 23 minutes, and slice into bite-sized pieces.

Add ginger and garlic to skillet and stir-fry 10–15 seconds. Add bok choy and onions; stir-fry until bok choy wilts, 2 minutes. Add steak, any accumulated juices, and sauce mixture; stir-fry until thickened, 1 minute. Serve stir-fry with rice; garnish with sesame seeds.


Sear steak in hot oil just until it’s brown on the outside but still pink, or medium-rare, on the inside.


Combine the sauce ingredients so the mixture is evenly incorporated into the beef and vegetables.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts

Per serving

Calories: 508

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 13g 20%

Saturated Fat 4g 20%

Cholesterol 55mg 18%

Sodium 1813mg 75%

Carbs 55g 18%

Fiber 2g 8%

Protein 27g

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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