Triple Chocolate Brownies


Triple Chocolate Brownies

If dense, rich brownies are your thing, then these fudgy treats are for you. Three kinds of chocolate make these bars extra chocolaty and sour cream keeps them super moist.

Everyone seems to have a recipe for the best brownie, but with just one bite of these killer bars, you’ll definitely have a new favorite. They’re outrageously good and certain to satisfy any of your chocolate cravings.

While brownies come in nearly endless variations, these are somewhat of a cross between a truffle and a piece of fudge. With three kinds of chocolate, they’re multi-dimensional. Dark chocolate gives them great depth. Dutch process cocoa adds depth, too, and also provides a smoother flavor, plus a darker color. And for a little extra sweetness and texture, semisweet chocolate chunks do the trick.

But perhaps the most distinct addition to this recipe is the sour cream — it makes the brownies super moist. For the best results, test the brownies for doneness before the recipe tells you to, especially if you use a glass pan instead of metal because they’ll bake more quickly.


16 brownies

Total Time

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Tip: Dutch Process Cocoa

In these brownies, Dutch process cocoa is preferred. If you use unsweetened natural cocoa, the brownies won’t rise as high or be as dark.


Preheat oven to 350°. Line a 9-inch-square pan with two strips of foil, leaving a 2-inch overhang on all sides; lightly coat with nonstick spray.

Melt chocolate and butter in a double boiler over medium heat, stirring until smooth; transfer to a large bowl and cool slightly.

Whisk in sugar and cocoa until combined.

Whisk together eggs, sour cream, vanilla, and espresso powder; whisk into chocolate mixture.

Sift together flour, baking powder, and salt. Add to chocolate mixture in two to three additions, stirring after each addition until fully combined; stir in chocolate chunks. Pour batter into prepared pan and smooth the top.

Bake brownies until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out moist, with just a few crumbs, about 55 minutes. Transfer pan to a rack, let brownies cool in pan 30 minutes, then remove from pan using foil “handles”. Cool brownies completely before cutting.


For easy removal of the brownies, overlap two foil strips in the pan, leaving an overhang on all sides.


To shake out any lumps in the cocoa powder, sift it with a sifter or a mesh sieve before adding it to the batter.


For quick mixing, whisk together the eggs and sour cream before adding them to the batter.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts

Per brownie

Calories: 339

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 23g 35%

Saturated Fat 14g 70%

Cholesterol 63mg 21%

Sodium 125mg 5%

Carbs 38g 12%

Fiber 3g 12%

Protein 5g

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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