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French-Style Small Curd Scrambled Eggs

Nutrition-packed, economical, and readily available, eggs really are incredible. And for perfectly cooked scrambled eggs every time, you just need to follow a few basic tenets. Often served on top of toast, these French-style scrambled eggs are almost custard-like. In a nutshell, low(ish) and slow(ish) is the motto to follow. And to form the small curds, stir a lot with a whisk.

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The key to French-style, creamy, small-curd eggs is whisking the eggs constantly as they cook. While the eggs are still a little wet, but mostly formed into curds, add another tablespoon of cream, and one tablespoon chives, if desired. Again, the eggs should be a little wet looking when you serve them. The residual heat will cook the eggs thoroughly.


Whisk together eggs, 1 Tbsp. heavy cream, kosher salt, and black pepper.

Melt butter until foamy, then add egg mixture and follow the steps below for perfectly scrambled eggs.

Off heat, add an additional 1 Tbsp. heavy cream.


Whisk constantly to break up the curds. These will be slow to start, then the eggs will cook quickly.


Off heat, while the eggs are still a little wet, add 1 Tbsp. each cream (to stop the cooking process) and chives.

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