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Melting Chocolate

What type of chocolate melts best? Learn how to melt chocolate for cakes, brownies, and other desserts—whether you have a microwave, a double boiler, or neither!

Toasting Coconut

No matter how you go about it, toasting coconut immediately pumps up the flavor of whatever dish you add it to.

Freeze Unbaked Scones

Nothing's better than fresh-baked scones. Here's how to have the right amount ready at a moment's notice.

Candy Cane Sugar

Do your favorite party foods tend to be sweet instead of savory? Here's a way to give your sweets a little holiday flair.

Crimping Pie Dough

No matter how simple a pie recipe is, make the finished product look elegant with one quick decorating tip.

Recycle Bakery Containers

Don't let all your hard work baking those treats go to waste — store and transport them safely with this quick tip.

All About Yeast

Some yeast needs to be proofed before using, while other types allow you to skip the step. So what's the difference?

Chopping Toasted Nuts

Toasted nuts add great flavor to cookies and other baked goods. Know when best to chop them, so they don't get unwieldy.

How To Fill A Pastry Bag

Save time on frosting prep and simplify your cupcake decorating process with this helpful tip for filling pastry bags.

Shortcake Secrets

For the best results, keep these four straightforward points in mind when mixing and cutting shortcake dough.