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Kitchen Tips

Every cook wants to learn fast new ways of performing everyday kitchen tasks. From seeding a tomato to shaping a perfect meatball to cutting a meringue pie, we explain how to do almost everything better and quicker — loaded with solutions to your cooking dilemmas, search through our library of clever culinary tips to help you in the kitchen with our tips, tricks, and timesavers.

Cooking Lobster Tails

No matter what process is used to cook lobster tails, they always seem to curl up. Well, curl no more with this simple tip!

Sauted Lettuce

Do you have brown lettuce in your refrigerator? Utilize your greens before they are a total loss with this recipe tip.

Cutting Hard-Cooked Eggs

Find cutting hard cooked eggs to be messy and inefficient? With a simple tool, this once finicky task will be a breeze!

Remove Silk From Sweet Corn

With sweet corn season in full bloom, save time shucking with this simple to-do tip that uses something from your desk.

Muffin Tin Condiment Tray

De-clutter the picnic table and organize hot dog toppings with this simple tip using a kitchen pan you already have.

No-Drip Ice Cream Cones

Love ice cream but hate when it drips out of your cone? This fun trick with stop the dripping and adds a sweet surprise!

Room for More Ribs

If you're going to grill ribs, you might as well grill for a crowd! Ensure you have enough room on the grill with this quick tip.

Herb Brush

An easy tip for imparting even more flavor into fish, meat, and vegetables during grilling this summer season.

Easy Melon Cutting

If fresh melon is a mainstay for your warm-weather eating, here's a great way to simplify cutting them.

Kitchen Oil Cleanup

Don't cry over spilled oil. This simple trick makes cleaning up oil easy and quick, plus you already have everything you need!

Storing Blackberries

Improper storage of berries can cause waste, these simple tips will keep your blackberries fresher longer.

Trimming Asparagus

Stop snapping and start tapping. Fresh asparagus is a treat this time of year so get the most out of each stalk with this easy tip.