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Test Kitchen Tip

Essential Grilling Tools

Here are a few tools we keep handy in our Test Kitchen for grilling season. They make the job a lot easier!

Wire grill brush: This is an essential cleaning tool. Look for one with a long wooden handle and brass or steel bristles. Tongs: Your best bet is long kitchen tongs. Make sure they open wide, close tightly, and are sturdy. Spatulas: These are great for turning fish or burgers. Look for one that has an offset, rigid, yet thin blade to get underneath stuck-on food without tearing. Instant-read thermometer: A thermometer provides the best way to check meats for doneness on the grill. Digital ones are very accurate but expensive compared to analog models. Skewers: Essential for kebabs, these are made of either metal or bamboo. We prefer metal skewers because they can be reused, clean easily, and come in a variety of styles and price points, from plain to fancy. Other stuff: Pot holders, timers, basting brushes, a spray bottle of water, a roll of aluminum foil, and paper towels are all good things to have on hand during grilling season.

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