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Use A Whisk To Brew Tea

Nothing beats the summer heat like fresh-brewed iced tea. Here's a simple way to make brewing easy!

No Mess Pounding Chicken

If you've had a problem in the past with chicken breasts tearing when you pound them, try this tip for keeping them intact.

Easy Chicken Transfer

Fresh from the pan, a whole chicken can be awkward (if not impossible) to handle. Here's a painless way to transport it.

Seasoning the Grill

Especially for meat with fattier skin, like chicken wings, oiling the grill grate is crucial so your food doesn't stick.

Multi-Purpose Ricer

The name may suggest they're only good for one thing, but potato ricers make multiple cooking processes simpler.

Frying Basics

From the equipment, to the oil, to the narrow temperature window, many things go into that perfectly crisp home-fried coating.

Cutting Hard-Cooked Eggs

Cooking perfect eggs is hard enough to begin with — why struggle further for prettily sliced halves, when it's this quick and easy?

Testing Oil Temperature

Hot oil is crucial for successful frying, but how can you tell when it's at the right temp? Here's a quick thermometer-free technique.

Easy Grill Grate Cleaning

It's the middle of summer grilling season, and keeping your grill clean is never more crucial. Next time, try this creative technique!