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All About Hominy

You may have heard of hominy, but do you know how it's made? Here's a quick rundown on the puffy corn kernel.

Storing Spinach

A couple bad spinach leaves can ruin the whole bag. Here's how to store it to keep the leaves crisp and fresh longer.

Keep Mashed Potatoes Warm

This traditional way to keep potatoes warm still works just as well as it did 50 years ago. Give it a try!

Choosing Fresh Sweet Corn

Fresh corn is one of the sweetest parts of summer. Here are some tips on how to choose the ripest, sweetest ears.

Seeding Hot Chiles

Vegetable peelers aren't just for peeling — here are a couple ways to use another part of the handy little tool.

Peeling Shallots

Stop struggling with stubborn skins and use this no-fuss method for peeling shallots and onions quickly and easily.

Dicing Avocado

The soft, buttery texture of ripe avocado can make it difficult to work with. So dice it up while it's still in the skin, instead!

Husking Tomatillos

Tomatillos are versatile and easy to cook with. A papery husk is all that stands between you and this sweet-tart fruit.

Keep Peeled Potatoes Fresh

This simple tip makes it easy to prepare potatoes ahead, by keeping them as fresh and white as when you peeled them!

Storing Romaine Lettuce

Make a mental note of this quick idea — it's a good way to maximize refrigerator space. Plus, it keeps lettuce fresher!

Ricing Guacamole

Is guacamole on the menu for your fiesta? Here's a trick that provides the perfect texture ... plus a quick _bonus_ recipe!