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Steamed Corn OnThe Grill

Utilize the grill while it's hot and cook up a tender ear of corn without charring the sweet yellow kernels.

Peeling Garlic

Peel individual garlic cloves without smashing and bruising them with this simple and easy-to-do process.

Squeezing Sauerkraut

Keep dishes from getting soggy with this quick and easy tip for eliminating excess liquid from sauerkraut.

Clump-Free Peas

Here's a simple, fuss-free way to keep your frozen peas and other vegetables from becoming big icy clumps.

Cleaning Mushrooms

Instead of brushing the dirt off of the individual mushrooms, here's a way to easily wash them.

Removing Stems from Kale

There is no need to spend time cutting off each kale leaf. Use this quick tip to remove kale leaves from the stem with ease.

Using a Mandoline

Looking for an easy way to slice vegetables and get professional looking results? See how to cut slices of uniform thickness.

Roasting Garlic

Roasting garlic brings out its mellow sweet side and reduces its pungency. Roast garlic perfectly using this tip.

Cutting Winter Squash

Hard winter squashes can be a challenge to cut. Here's a quick way to slice through them like butter.

Salad Spinner for Zucchini

Zucchini makes a fresh addition to any late-summer dish. While it holds a lot of water, it couldn't be simpler to remove it.

Storing Asparagus

Nobody likes soggy-tipped asparagus. Keep your spears fresher longer with this quick and simple tip.