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Kitchen Cookbook Hanger

Have a hard time corralling your cookbook when making dinner? Keep it clean and out of the way with this simple tip.

Store Oil in Wine Bottles

With so many unique, attractive wine labels out there, it's hard to throw those bottles away. Keep a few for storing oils, instead!

"Instant" Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes keep OK in the fridge, but to make them last longer and so you can enjoy some any time, here's what to do.

Storing Spinach

A couple bad spinach leaves can ruin the whole bag. Here's how to store it to keep the leaves crisp and fresh longer.

Fresh Crumbs in a Flash

Fresh bread crumbs from a quality loaf can turn a dish from good to great. Here's how to have them at a moment's notice.

Store Skewers Safely

Metal skewers are more attractive and economical than bamboo. Here's a way to store them that will keep your hands safe.

Recycle Bakery Containers

Don't let all your hard work baking those treats go to waste — store and transport them safely with this quick tip.

Preserving Feta

Salt is an effective preservative for many foods, and that's no secret. Here's a DIY way to make your feta taste fresher, longer!

How to Make Herb Butter

Love using fresh herbs, but worried the leftovers will go to waste? Here's a simple way to give them a satisfying second use!