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Keeping Brown Sugar Fresh

This quick tip keeps brown sugar fresh and soft, while also keeping things tidy by using something often thrown away.

Storing Fresh Pineapple

Can't seem to eat pineapple fast enough? Waste no more with this simple tip for storing fresh pineapple.

Clump-Free Peas

Here's a simple, fuss-free way to keep your frozen peas and other vegetables from becoming big icy clumps.

Increase Fridge Space

Especially during the holidays, do you feel there never seems to be enough room in your refrigerator for everything?

Zest Preservation

Have a recipe that calls for citrus juice, but not the zest? Save it by using this tip, and you'll always have a supply on hand.

Sealing Open Bags

Never seem to have enough clips to secure open bags of rice, beans, etc.? Here's a clever way to keep them fresh.

Keeping Guacamole Green

As soon as they're cut open, avocados start to brown. Here's how to delay the inevitable, at least for a little while.

Freezing Bacon Slices

Don’t always use an entire package of bacon at once? Freeze it so it lasts longer, using this tip to keep the strips separate.

Storing Asparagus

Nobody likes soggy-tipped asparagus. Keep your spears fresher longer with this quick and simple tip.

Tomato Cubes

Ditch the plain ole' ice cubes and cool down a classic brunch-time cocktail by freezing and tossing in something with more flavor.

Coconut Milk Cubes

Canned coconut milk spoils quickly, so instead of letting it go to waste, use this tip to take care of any left over.

Bulk Garlic Storage

Can't get enough of those warehouse store deals? Here's how to make sure at least one bulk item doesn't go to waste.