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No Mess Pounding Chicken

If you've had a problem in the past with chicken breasts tearing when you pound them, try this tip for keeping them intact.

Easy Chicken Transfer

Fresh from the pan, a whole chicken can be awkward (if not impossible) to handle. Here's a painless way to transport it.

Rendering Fat

Melting excess fat from pork and bacon is a simple yet crucial technique that ensures crisp, flavorful meat.

Grinding Chicken For Burgers

Ground chicken can be difficult to find at the store, but it's easy to make yourself with a food processor and these simple tips.

Easy Thaw Ground Beef

Here's a solution for freezing ground meat that doesn't take up much space and lets the meat thaw quickly when needed.

Always Ready Bacon

Can't get enough of your favorite bacon recipe? Here's a simple tip that lets you enjoy it whenever you want.

Quick Taco Meat

Love tacos and nachos from fast-food restaurants? Give the ground beef you use at home the same smooth texture.

Deglazing For Flavor

For rich, savory sauces, get in the habit of deglazing your pan after sautéing meat. The technique couldn't be easier.