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Cooking Bacon

Don't fret over bacon grease anymore. With this quick tip you'll have perfectly cooked bacon and minimal clean up.

Better Bacon Appetizers

Ensure perfectly crisp and tender bacon-wrapped appetizers with this easy-to do and make-ahead tip.

Room for More Ribs

If you're going to grill ribs, you might as well grill for a crowd! Ensure you have enough room on the grill with this quick tip.

Removing Silverskin

Silverskin is tough and chewy. so remove it before cooking the tenderloin. Here's an easy tip how to do it.

Rendering Bacon

Rendering is a simple technique used to melt fat from diced meat. The result? Crispy perfection.

Natural-Casing Hot Dogs

Here's the low-down on natural-casing hot dogs, what exactly they are, and what makes them so delicious.

Freezing Bacon Slices

Don’t always use an entire package of bacon at once? Freeze it so it lasts longer, using this tip to keep the strips separate.

Grilling Sliders

Good either for finger food or a full meal, sliders are perfect party food. Here's an efficient way to cook them.

Freeze & Marinate Meat

With a little planning ahead and just a bit of work, you can thaw and marinate frozen meat — at the same time.

Single Serve Bacon Storage

Hate opening a whole package of bacon just to use a couple slices at a time? With this tip, no bacon will go to waste.