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Zest Preservation

Have a recipe that calls for citrus juice, but not the zest? Save it by using this tip, and you'll always have a supply on hand.

All About Coconut

Coconut appears in many forms in this slab pie. Here's the code to cracking what each product has to offer.

Salad Spinner for Zucchini

Zucchini makes a fresh addition to any late-summer dish. While it holds a lot of water, it couldn't be simpler to remove it.

Keeping Guacamole Green

As soon as they're cut open, avocados start to brown. Here's how to delay the inevitable, at least for a little while.

Slicing Strawberries

Need to slice a large volume of strawberries in a short amount of time? This tip will have you done in a snap!

Tomato Cubes

Ditch the plain ole' ice cubes and cool down a classic brunch-time cocktail by freezing and tossing in something with more flavor.

Strawberry Stem Removal

No kitchen tool is truly one-note. Here's a way to put your cake decorating kit to a new and different use.

Slicing Fresh Mango

To get the most fruit out of fresh mango, it helps to know what's going on under the skin. Here's how best to slice and dice it.

Grate Bananas in a Pinch

Ever get a sudden craving for banana bread, but with no soft, overripe fruit in sight? Try this simple tip!

Preparing Avocados

Instead of trying to make diced avocado end up looking attractive, try this tip for getting it out of the skin intact.