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Cutting Bell Peppers

Get a clean cut when slicing peppers into thin strips, also known as julienne, with this quick tip.

Freezing Lemon Juice

Save time and hassle by using this quick tip for storing freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Cleaning a Pineapple

Stop throwing away precious fresh pineapple with this helpful tip that that cuts down on waste.

Removing Tomato Paste

Getting all of the tomato paste out of the can proves to be tricky, well not anymore with this slick trick!

Peeling Mango

This quick, simple-to-do, tip demystifies and makes easy work of preparing fresh mango for any kind of recipe.

Seeding Hot Chiles

Stop the burn and save your fingers with this simple kitchen tip for seeding and cleaning out hot chile peppers.

Cleaning Pumpkin Seeds

Clean out a small cooking pumpkin or winter squash efficiently and safely with this common kitchen item.

Removing Corn From the Cob

Prepare the Maque Choux in a quick and clean manner with this simple trick that keeps kernels from flying.

Cleaning Bell Peppers

It can be tricky to clean out bell peppers without feeling wasteful. Here's how to do it easily, and avoid losing much pepper flesh.

Preparing Avocados

With our new Mexican book in hand; perfect seeding, peeling, cutting, and ripening avocados with these quick tips.

Storing Peaches

Make the most of peaches while they are at their peak in the season with these tips on how to ripen and store them.