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The Journey to Pavlova

Want to know what goes into recipe testing? Sometimes, it's 17 tries to get something just right! Here's the journey to pavlova – plus key tips and tricks to making the perfect pavlova every time.

The Secrets to the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

Want to know the secrets to making the best chocolate chip cookies? We're spilling everything, from if you should use butter or shortening to which kind of chocolate chips to use. Plus, grab our recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies.


Healthy Popsicles

With this simple tip, have healthy treats on hand at all times for when your sweet tooth hits!


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Strawberry & Coconut Trifles with Rum-Dipped Wafers

These fruit desserts look like they take a lot of time and effort, but luckily they come together in a snap. These strawberry trifles are full of flavor and textures, making them a satisfying after-dinner treat.

Mini Peach Pies with Cinnamon Roll Crusts

The worst thing about desserts is waiting for them to bake or cool. But these treats come together so quickly, you won’t have to wait long. The neat thing about these Mini Peach Pies is they transform breakfast staples (store-bought cinnamon rolls) into to-die-for desserts — pretty sweet!

Peanut Butter Cookie Truffles

Make use of a cookie classic, Nutter Butters, in these dreamy peanut butter truffles. New, yet familiar, these creamy truffles are a fun, anytime dessert.

Grilled Fruit Salad with Grilled Pound Cake

No gathering is complete without some sort of fruit salad. But for this one, put your grill to work. With the sweet-and-sour honey-lime dressing, this will be a real crowd-pleaser. And, forget the marshmallows and coconut. Serve this fruit salad over grilled pound cake for something that’s akin to a fruit panzanella or grilled fruit shortcake. No matter what you call it, you won’t be able to put your fork down.

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Pie with Toasted Almond Crumble

What better way to gather ‘round a table than with desserts?! This Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Pie with toasted almond crumble is the perfect make-ahead summer dessert. It features a shortcut version of lemon ice cream, raspberry ripple, and toasted almond crust and crumble on top.

This recipe was reprinted from Let's Stay In by Ashley Rodriguez.

Plain Frozen Yogurt with Flavor Variations

So why would you even want to make frozen yogurt at home? It’s super simple to do — it’s even easier than making ice cream! To expand your frozen yogurt horizons, we have included many variations that are simple swaps or additions to the Plain Frozen Yogurt recipe.

Mini Strawberry Pies

Since strawberries are the focus of these mini strawberry pies, if you don’t grow them, be sure to source local, organic strawberries — they’re much more flavorful and sweet.

Lamingtons with Raspberry Centers

A quintessential treat adored in Australia is Lamingtons. This iconic dessert rely on whipped eggs, for their light and airy textures. One bite of the dessert will have you floating on cloud nine. Lamingtons are sweet, buttery, and light sponge cakes, filled with raspberry jam, coated in chocolate ganache, and rolled in toasted coconut. Yes, it’s just as lovely as it sounds!

Rhubarb & Strawberry Galette

Spring, and we’re here to make the most of all the seasonal produce that comes with it. And what better way to highlight the tart and sweet flavors of rhubarb and strawberries than a fuss-free galette? The beauty of this dessert is there’s no pressure for perfectly crimped edges. Instead, all you need to do for this rustic pastry is fold and go. This is one dessert that will make even novice bakers feel like a professional. And if you’re like some of us who have a plethora of rhubarb popping up right about now, it’s always fun to find new ways to put it to good use.

A crisp, buttery crust filled with two of our favorite seasonal ingredients — rhubarb and strawberries — has us lovin’ on spring flavors.

Vanilla Bean Soufflés

Eggs are at the crux of so many things made in the kitchen, including soufflés. But if the thought of making one leaves you cracked, fear not — if you break it down, this soufflé is really just a vanilla pastry cream with beaten egg whites folded in — it’s that simple.