Mandarin Pancakes

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Mandarin Pancakes

Not to be confused with breakfast pancakes, Mandarin pancakes are made with just three ingredients that form a dough, rather than a batter. These pancakes are not only fun but easy, too. The only tip for making them is to prepare them in advance, so they’re ready when the stir-fry is.


2 servings

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Test Kitchen Tip

The most efficient way to make these pancakes is to roll and sandwich one while the previous one cooks.


Combine flour and water, then knead until mixture forms a smooth, stiff dough. Roll dough into a 3-inch log, cover with plastic wrap, and let rest 30 minutes.

Cut log into 6 equal pieces, then roll each piece on a floured surface into a 3-inch pancake.

Brush oil onto 3 of the pancakes. Press remaining 3 pancakes onto oiled pancakes and roll each to 6 inches in diameter. Cover the pancakes with a damp kitchen towel until ready to cook.

Heat a large skillet over medium and cook pancakes, one at a time, until dry and blistered on both sides, 12 minutes. Remove pancakes from skillet; when cool enough to handle, separate them. Wrap pancakes in foil and keep warm until ready to eat.


Brushing oil onto half the pancakes allows the sandwiched pancake to be separated after cooking.


Once cool enough to handle, use the back of a knife to separate the sandwiched pancakes.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts

Per serving

Calories: 115

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 2g 3%

Saturated Fat 0g 0%

Cholesterol 0mg 0%

Sodium 0mg 0%

Carbs 22g 7%

Fiber 1g 4%

Protein 3g

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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