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Meatloaf perfected6

This meatloaf is kid-tested and family-approved -- you can't get a tougher audience than that! The Chunky BBQ Topping is awesome!

Tomato gravy9

Great meatloaf doesn't /need/ gravy, but no one will refuse this offer. They can't, it's that good.

Classy comfort: veal meatloaf10

Go on, I dare you to serve this meatloaf at your next dinner party. Just wait for the accolades!

Online Extras

Cheddar Potatoes

A Master's Class: Steak Diane12

A tribute to one of America's most well-known and respected kitchen personalities. This recipe is just one of Julia Child's memorable moments.

Julia's mashed potatoes15

Japanese tempura16

Leave it to the Japanese to make fried food a fine art! If you're going to splurge on fat and calories, I can't think of a better way to do it.

Tempura dipping sauces20

Traditional tempura sauces are simple soy sauce-based concoctions. These three sauces are simple, too, but more complex in flavor.


By far the most valuable and versatile fruit in your kitchen -- inside and out.

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Zesting a Lemon

Gold rush: tangy lemon bars22

A buttery almond base is topped with pucker-up tart lemon curd. These are lemon bars to die for!

Stuffed pork chops24

Small households shouldn't have to sacrifice good eating, so treat yourself to these chops.

Online Extras

Lemon-Braised Squash

Stuffing Pork Chops

Spiced chicken26

This simple chicken stew gets "spiced up" with exotic, yet accessible flavors from Morocco.

Fajita nachos28

'Tis the season for football, and these nachos are the perfect game-day repast. Set up a build-your-own nacho bar and listen to the people cheer!

Big Easy nachos30

Basic Cuisine32

A few simple kitchen tricks can make all the difference. Brush up on roasting garlic, boiling pasta, pitting olives, and slicing a bell pepper.

Santoku knives34

These quirky-looking knives are HOT! But are they worth all the hype and money?

Online Extras

Steeling Knives

Santoku Knives

Wiener schnitzel36

Veracruz fillets38

Reuben twice-baked potatoes40


Online Extras

Blanching Almonds

Couscous and White Salmon

Pressing matters: making panini sandwiches45

If you can make grilled cheese, you can toast panini sandwiches. No fancy panini press required -- these are decidedly low-tech but still darn delicious.

4 fabulous panini46

Which panini should you start with? Don't worry, you can't go wrong with any of them.

Online Extras

Basil Pesto

Making Eggs for Panini

From humble to high class: banana cream pie48

Talk about an extreme makeover! You'll hardly recognize this new and improved banana cream pie.

The "wow" factor51

Banana trifle parfaits52